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A little about us......

We have lived in Dahlonega all of our lives. My wife and I both were born and raised here. We all love the small town and all of the friendly faces we meet in it everyday. We have 3 wonderful children, ages 16, 10, and 7. All of which are into goats & chickens. Our 16 yr. old is the one who got us started in chickens, and our daughter is responsible for our goat venture. My sons cousin had some bantams, and after going over there and helping him feed and water them a few times that was it. So the next month for his birthday in 2008 he got a GQF Hova-Bator. Well, need I say more. We sold 2 of our Hova-Bators and bought a GQF Cabinet Incubator. Our daughter spent some time at a friend of ours house and got her and my wife attached to their goats. That is where our goat venture started. We started off with pygmy's, but my wife soon grew fond of the blue eyed Nigerian Dwarfs. That is what we have now. My wife and I and all 3 of our kids love our goats & chickens, taking care of them and petting them. Chickens are our thing. So, come by and look us up. We would love to hear about your chickens!!


We are members of the following organizations:

  • ASA - American Sussex Association, Board Member



Thanks for looking,

Greg, Lydia, Shadrick, Brooke & Zackary Lee












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